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    Playful . Bold . Irreverent

    PaperPunch! Was born out of a desire to produce artwork committed to deliver an element of surprise and humour with a touch of visual poetry. Each piece is created 100% by hand with traditional, archival-quality materials.

    The name is a play between the subversive puppet character Mr. Punch and the stationary tool, of which Vera owns at least three in several sizes. 


    Three artists: James Ensor, Jan Švankmajer, Květa Pacovská.

    Three writers: Clarice Lispector, Paulo Leminski, Charles Bukowski.

    Three Places: Puebla (Mexico), my studio, my grandparents' house.


    PaperPunch! Is committed to artistic excellence, originality and richness of content. 




    "If it's darkness we're having, let it be extravagant."

    - Jane Kenyon

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